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Occasion and Travel Guide For the Gambia


From the Monkey Park, where you can see the bird and vegetation of the space, to a smaller than normal voyage at dusk along the Gambian stream, there are a lot of outings in the Gambia. Go along its limited yet excellent field with shading and daylight lasting through the year. Go on an outing to see the baobab tree; all aspects of this tree is valuable from the organic product, seeds and leaves that are utilized as fixings in sauces, drinks and drugs and furthermore for making ropes. Stops and saves are specked all around the Gambia. The most popular hold is in Abuko, roughly 25 kilometers drive from Banjul. The recreation area has been ensured starting around 1916 in light of the fact that it supplies the capital with its drinking water. Have an excursion to a portion of the neighborhood schools and leave a gift so they can flourish in their schooling.

You could go to Gambia National Park which is otherwise called Baboon Island. Tragically the stream boats are not permitted to stop for you to enter the Island, this is so the monkeys can be left undisturbed, yet it is as yet an extraordinary outing and extremely visual. Abuko is a heaven for those of you who are bird watchers with more than 300 species in this tropical backwoods. It is an unquestionable requirement for all the family to encounter its sights and sounds. Assuming you might want to see an assorted assortment of social things visit the National Museum in Banjul. You will require a few hours to see everything except it is definitely worth an outing there. Assuming you’re very trying and would like an extraordinary encounter visit Bakau crocodile park where you can stroll among the crocodiles, some are even amicable enough you can have your photograph taken stroking one, on the off chance that you dare.


Gambia is notable for its new ocean fish dishes utilizing Barracuda, Atlantic prawns and spread fish. Fish are cooked with vegetable and rice. Attempt Domoda one of the islands run of the mill dishes. This is meat stewed in nut puree and presented with rice. Chicken Yassa is cooked with lime and rice a tasty tart dish. Gambia gives cooking from one side of the planet to the other. These are served in lavish lodgings and numerous eateries in the towns. Inexpensive food is accessible yet not quite so available as most different nations. Outside shacks really do sell inexpensive food however be cautious you might be going on an outing to the clinic thereafter lovely quick as well.


In Banjul there is practically zero nightlife, assuming that any it will be lodging based, however a short taxi ride will take you to the town of Sennagambia where you can observe all the nightlife you would potentially care about. The music is fluctuated from one spot to another playing various kinds from fly to Reggae and R&B. There are bunches of eateries as well, some playing nearby unrecorded music. You can have a decent night out assuming that is the thing that you are searching for on your vacation in the Gambia.


There are no creator stores or general stores in the Gambia and there is almost no shopping in Banjul. There are nearby business sectors, selling artworks and dabs and a few deals can be had with silver things and wonderful material. Calfskin belts, hand created adornments and vacationer keepsakes are pretty much everything you can truly buy in the Gambia.

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